Water Quality Monitoring Project

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Why monitoring water quality?

There is a necessity of creating a device capable of monitoring the quality of the water all over the globe, offering performances and sensors required in every region of the world for temperature, pressure, conductivity, PH, presence of bacteria, oil/gas or... all of them!

Our water quality monitor probe offers interchangeable heads to meet this requirements in real time through the use of wireless transmission.

Microfabricated Sensors

Laboratorio de microtecnologías


Current Updates on the Project

pH sensor for water monitoring

Our efforts have focused on the development of a precise and sensitive solid-state electrochemical pH sensor that, by means of microfabrication techniques, contains a reference electrode, counter electrode and working electrode in a single device, which offers numerous advantages. and makes it ideal for real-time wireless monitoring.

Arsenic detection

First working prototype of the arsenic functional electrode.

Integrated turbidity and coliform measure system

First working prototype of the integrated turbidity and coliform measure system.

Temperature and Conductivity Sensor

RTD and EC (temperature and electrical conductivity) sensors fabricated in our cleanroom facilities.

Sensor Manufacturing

Sensor manufacturing capabilities at our cleanroom facilities

Coliform Detection

Our fluorescence technology allows detection of bacteria such as Coliforms

Hydrocarbon Detection

Our system allows the identification of up to one drop of gasoline in water

Embedded Wireless Data Transmission

User friendly interface to analyze data in real time

Casing Manufacturing

At CIDESI, we have  sophisticated machine shops capabilities to manufacture and evaluate our prototypes.


Better Quality of Water Around the Globe!!!!

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